What does Sisterhood mean to us?

As women of Alpha Xi Delta we take pride in staying true to our core values. One of these core values is SISTERHOOD. Sisterhood is what bonds us together as women and unites our organization as a whole. At the Beta Xi Chapter we engage in purposeful events and activities that strive to strengthen our sisterhood monthly.


Our sisterhood events allow us to connect with all members of our chapter and of course- have FUN!  From crafting together at our beautiful house to grabbing frozen yogurt downtown to cheering on our very own Pioneers we are always seeking opportunities to make Alpha Xi Delta feel like home.


“To me, sisterhood is one of the most important aspects of Greek Life and is a major reason why I choose to join Alpha Xi Delta when I was going through recruitment two years ago,” (Emily Drabeck Class of 2017).


The memories that we make during our sisterhoods remind us that being a part of Alpha Xi Delta is not for four years but instead for life.


MC Alpha Xi



Big/Little Gift Guide

The holidays are right around the corner! Finishing final exams, coordinating Christmas plans and stuffing your face full of mom’s homemade food (finally!) can be exhausting.

It’s pretty tempting to shrug off the big/little gift exchange before the semester ends and promise to do it once classes start up. Finding the perfect present can be a challenge, and pushing off a gift exchange can make the struggle even harder.

So here are Beta Xi’s top suggestions for presents will thrill any big or little. Happy gifting!



1. To-Do Notepad
This gift is perfect for any busy sorority girl. The to-do notepad is the best place to help your big or little keep track of her assignments, volunteer schedule, meetings or daily errands. She will thank you a million times over for finally having a single place to write down all of the little things that are on her plate.

2. Engraved Bracelet
Tell your big or little you really love her with an engraved bracelet. Although it may sound cheesy, personalizing the engraving can really be the perfect touch. A woman in Beta Xi bought her big a bracelet engraved with the date of their big/little reveal. It was so precious and put a smile on her big’s face instantly.

3. “Date Night” Coupons
Turn those ideas for big/little dates into a reality with “date night” coupons. Create one coupon for every month of the semester with an activity that gives you and your big something priceless: time together. Have you both been meaning to try that new froyo place or do you love bowling but never seem to have the time to go? These cards are a great way to make time for one another during a busy semester.

4. Homemade Letter Shirt
Nothing says I love you more than something homemade. If you’ve never tried, making a homemade letter shirt for your big or little can be so much fun. Digging through all the fabric options to find something that will match her personality at JoAnn Fabrics is just as fun as her opening the gift. There are plenty of patterns and tutorials online of how to make the shirts. And whether you sew her shirt on a machine or by hand, she will definitely think of you every time she wears it.

5. Quill Dangle
Has your big or little donated to Alpha Xi Delta’s Undergraduate Giving Challenge yet? The Undergraduate Giving Challenge is a way for undergrads to give back to Alpha Xi Delta and donate to her Foundation. Those who donate $18.93 or more to the Foundation will join the Heart Sunshine Circle and receive a special Quill dangle. So make a donation in her name and give her the dangle as a surprise. This is a no brainer gift that not only benefits Alpha Xi, but gives your big or little something to brag about.

6. The Sorority Planner
Is your big or little a meticulous planner who loves to write down just about everything? Then the Sorority Planner is the perfect gift for her. Not only does the planner offer a full calendar for each month and ample amount of room to write down daily assignments, but this planner even includes sections for chapter meetings, committee meetings and even event planning. Planners can even be customized to include a section for e-board meetings.

7. Lilly Pulitzer Scarf
Perfect for all seasons, a Lilly never goes out of style. Snoop and find out which print is her favorite.

8. T-shirt Quilt
Ambitious? Yes. Worth it? Totally yes. T-shirt quilts are perfect for any big or little that has a ton of t-shirts and appreciate anything sentimental. This gift turns her memories into something practical she can use or display with pride. Get ready for tons of Instagram photos and maybe even some tears.

9. Gold Rose Necklace
Dogeared makes a beautiful gold rose necklace. It’s small and dainty without being too flashy. She will definitely appreciate this piece of jewelry that goes with nearly every outfit.

10. Comfy Pajamas
Whether she’s bumming around in the house or studying in her dorm room, every big or little needs an extra comfy pair of pj bottoms. Get her a pair that matches her favorite letter shirt or sweatshirt and she will be in love!


MC Alpha Xi

Motivational Monday: The Final Stretch

Motivational_Monday_12-1-14Only one more week until final exams, yikes! In order to end the semester (and the year) on a high note, determination is a key factor in combatting that unmotivated “checked out” feeling. So keep on keeping on, and don’t lose sight of the prize.

Here’s to the final stretch!

What helps keep you motivated when the finish line is in sight? How do you stay on top of your A Game?


MC Alpha Xi

Chaplain’s Corner

“Family isn’t always blood. It’s the people in your life who want you in theirs. The ones who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile and who love you no matter what.”

Thanksgiving is a time for family and expressing our gratitude for the people who are always by our side. For Alpha Xi Deltas everywhere, sisters hold both of these special places in our heart. Although we are not related by blood, sisters often become family during our four years at college. They are our biggest support system, our number one fans and our loudest cheerleaders. They are the first to give us a hug after a long, stressful day or a high five when we ace what seemed like an impossible exam.

Although our journey through college isn’t always smooth sailing, just like family, Alpha Xi Delta sisters come together to support each one another during our best and worst times.

This weekend, Beta Xi is thankful for all of the sisters who push and encourage one another to be the best version of themselves and realize their potential.

Have you reached out to a sister to say thank you this weekend? Why are you thankful for Alpha Xi Delta?


MC Alpha Xi

What Being in a Sorority Taught Me About Networking


During recruitment, potential new members are inundated with the all of the promises and benefits of sorority life – lifelong friendships, sisterhood and a support system in college just to name a few. But how many times do sorority women tell potential new members how joining will benefit their career…you know, what they’re actually in college for?

During my experience in Alpha Xi, I have been blessed to experience not only sisterhood, leadership and service, but I have also learned valuable skills that are now an asset to my development as a young professional. And networking is hands down the number one skill that I have learned since joining Alpha Xi Delta.

Joining a sorority has helped me better prepare, and even sometimes survive, the most stressful of networking situations. Recruitment workshops, alumnae events and even socials have served as a launch pad to becoming an expert at navigating the professional networking world.

Here are the top 5 tips I’ve learned about networking since joining a sorority:

1. It’s all about the first impression. 

During recruitment, the first impression is paramount. It can be the make or break factor in whether or not a  PNM decides to come back to your house. The same applies in networking. Your first impression with a potential employer is crucial in landing a job or internship. Joining Alpha Xi Delta not only taught me how to make a good first impression, but gave me several environments to practice this skill. In addition, surrounded by upperclassman and alumnae, I was able to actively learn from others who helped me avoid their mistakes.

2. You learn how to talk to a wall. 

While talking to a wall doesn’t sound too glamorous, you’ll be able to do it. Sorority life gave me the opportunity to experience a variety of social situations that required conversations with a variety of different personalities. After only a year in Alpha Xi, I felt more comfortable and confident talking to strangers I had never met before. Now, I’m not afraid to approach someone new and strike up a conversation whether it is for a job or just for fun.

3. Mind your manners.

Similar to making a first impression, maintaing manners and business etiquette at all times is often overlooked. One of the most important things I’ve learned since joining Alpha Xi is that regardless of where I’m at or what I’m doing, I am always wearing my letters. This means that even when I am not actively representing Alpha Xi Delta, my actions can still be tied back to the organization as a whole. It doesn’t matter if I discretely whip out your phone under the dinner table to send mom a quick “ok” text – if someone catches me, they might assume the worst. Maybe I’ve been texting this whole time? Maybe I’m rude and disrespectful or just plain uninterested? Manners help avoid maybes.

4. Don’t burn bridges.

Sure, we all have people we dislike. But you never know who you may meet up with again someday. Say that you are interested in applying for an academic honorary. But when you find out that Suzy Q is in charge you know you are never getting in. You snubbed her at a formal freshman year and she hasn’t forgotten it since. Burning bridges can result in lost opportunities later down the road.

5. Alumna have connections. 

Alumnae have their own unique network so use it to your advantage. Networking doesn’t have to be all about wearing a suit, shaking hands and working a room. It can be as simple as sending a thank you card to an alumnae who donated flowers to the house or helping out an elderly lady from the class of ’71 down the street pick up her leaves. The best internship I got in college was because I stayed in contact with alumnae. Alumnae want to see their chapter members succeed so use them as a reference to propel yourself forward and set yourself apart.

What networking lessons has being a sorority taught you? What other professional skills did you learned by going greek?


MC Alpha Xi


Alpha Xi Delta House at Marietta College

Alpha Xi Delta House at Marietta College


The ladies of Alpha Xi Delta would like to welcome to the Beta Xi Chapter’s brand new blog! Written for potential new members, sisters, alumnae and parents, this blog will serve as an update on all of the happenings and exciting news in the chapter.

Additionally, this blog will give readers an insight to our sisterhood here at Marietta College. Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions on what kinds of posts or submissions you would like to see!


MC Alpha Xi